Welcome to 21st Teacher

This is my vision for what a classroom should look like in the 21st century. This vision is by no means complete, and this space is one where I can grow this vision as I explore new ways of thinking and teaching. Whatever current state my vision takes, I am passionate about moving it forward and adding to it.

Reading and Literacy

Literacy instruction must be a balanced and complex ecosystem in which a love of reading and the ability to comprehend are paramount. Students must be given choice and independent reading as often as possible, with explicit instruction, flexible groups, and frequent assessments being equally essential elements.


Mathematics must be about more than rote work on operations. It is about creativity, complex problem solving, and strategic and critical thinking. Simply having students memorize algorithms and processes is never going to allow students to attain any success in problem solving. They must be given the time and practice at solving complex, multi-step problems.

Classroom Environment

The 21st century classroom is a flexible space both physically and in management style. It should be a place that is built upon comfort and choice, and should exist as an adaptable place where students are able to personalize the learning that takes place there.

iPad Integration

Computer technology is a powerful tool in the classroom. It allows us as teachers to personalize learning and outcomes like nothing that has come before. iPads are a tool that help students explore, learn, and most importantly, create. They are not a panacea, however. Technology must be carefully and consciously integrated into a classroom.