Redesigning the Math Classroom using Personalized Learning

My math time is not optimal. To begin with, I have significant issues with the idea of what mathematics content consists of. Mathematics is about problem solving, finding patterns, asking questions, and thinking logically. It is not about… Read More

Why is our Math Instruction Stuck in the 19th Century?

Our math instruction is stuck in obsolescence. There was a time when it was necessary to do mathematics by hand, but that time has passed. The advent of computer technology has opened up new doors to us as… Read More

Math Daily 3 and Task Board

The second item on my back to school list is a math task board similar to the one that I made for reading. This seems simple enough, in fact, I will likely end up making a modified copy… Read More Review

One of the best tools that I have come across for basic math skills practice is ThatQuiz is a fantastic resource for teachers who have students who need skill practice and access to enough devices. ThatQuiz is… Read More